Greater Mankato Bike/Walk Advocates

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In 2010, a new organization was formed to help Greater Makato become a more bikeable, walkable community.  While there are many citizens and visitors who already love to bike and walk around the community, there are areas that we can improve on to make it even safer.  We want to encourage people to use biking and walking as a viable means of transportation.

Our Mission:

The mission of Greater Mankato Bike/Walk Advocates is to help Mankato become a Bicycle Friendly Community by advocating, educating, and encouraging people to use their Bicycles while improving their health, reducing congestion & pollutions and making Greater Mankato a better, livable community.

Our membership:

Greater Mankato Bike/Walk advocates is comprised of 70 members from across the community who have desires and willingness to make Greater Mankato a Bike Friendly Community. We have a membership opportunity to get you involved.


Greater Mankato Bike/Walk is involved in multiple activities including education, encouragements, and advocacy.The board meets first Thursday of the Month. The board agenda for July, 2010 can be found here.


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