KPA Chair: Ken Saffert (

Mini Vision

The area will cooperatively work with all citizens to advance the current transportation system. The development of this system will enhance our community and environment while transforming our community into an exemplary mulitmodal transportation portal. By the year 2020 we will have a system that provides accessible, efficient, cost effective and safe movement of goods an people within the community, region and beyond.

Transportation section of original plan


  1. Develop an accessible mass transit system.
  2. Promote and develop non-motorized transportation systems.
  3. Maintain, improve and coordinate efficient and safe streets, roads, and trails.
  4. Enhance and develop a regional & inter-regional multi-modal transportation system (including pedestrians, bicycles, motor vehicles, transit rail, and air)



Goals and Priorities Identified in the Envision 2020 Community Survey: Transportation

  • Transportation (i.e. for youth, future, cycling, to and from other regional hubs)
  • Increased bicycle infrastructure (connect trails and increase safety)
  • High speed transit/light rail to MSP and other regional hubs
  • 12 hour transportation schedule to support workforce
  • Access for underserved population (i.e. seniors, veterans, VINE, LEEP)




Successes in 2009-10

  • Re-establishment of Second Street as a main artery through the downtown by way of connection to Mulberry Street at Veteran’s Memorial Bridge.
  • Removed a majority of one-way streets in downtown area to promote new traffic patterns that support the different commercial and residential areas.
  • Cities and Counties worded on a new Mankato Area Transportation and Planning Study (MATAPS) for future multi-jurisdictional projects. Open houses were held to capture public comment and suggestions.
  • Developed the Greater Mankato Bike/Walk Advocates group.
  • Developed a non-motorized connectivity and development plan for the local area to be considered in the MATAPS planning process.


Successes in 2008-09

  • Completion of Victory Drive Extension (Blue Earth County and City of Mankato)
  • Phase II of Sibley Parkway (City of Mankato)
  • Cities and Counties have committed to updating the Mankato Area Transportation and Planning Study (MATAPS) for future multi-jurisdictional projects.
  • Completion of Mankato City Center Transportation Improvements at Second Street and Mulberry Street