Health Improvement Partners, Inc. (HIP)

Formerly, known as the Mankato Area Smoke Free Coalition, many of the same volunteers who worked hard to decrease the risk of smoking to all residents in workplaces and public buildings, have formed a new name and developed a new mission…

HIP’s Mission is to increase the physical activity in the Greater Mankato area and prevent hypokinetic diseases by raising awareness of the benefits of regular exercise and improved nutrition.

HIP’s Vision is to assist Greater Mankato in becoming one of the most active, healthiest communities in the country.

HIP Goals for 2009-10:
1. Create and utilize materials and best practice strategies to educate over 500 residents on the benefits of evidence based exercise and good nutrition.

2. Give presentations using the “Exercise is Medicine” information to encourage a minimum of 115 area mid level healthcare providers and physicians to talk to each patient about the value of regular exercise in their daily life.

3. Plan, promote, and support community programs and events which help residents increase their physical activity.