KPA Chair: Donna Wenkel (

“Within our life-long learning community,  all people are provided the opportunity to possess the skills, knowledge, and ability to achieve their potential in an ever-changing world.”


Being a vibrant regional center, Greater Mankato is an attractive & livable community, incorporating facilities and programs that provide opportunities for residents of all ages, economic levels, and cultural backgrounds to enjoy affordable, accessible, and high quality arts & culture, recreation, sports and entertainment.

Many of these opportunities are found in community center(s) that attract visitors, spur economic growth, and encourage crossgenerational experiences while enriching the lives of all residents. The community of Greater Mankato also honors and celebrates its changing multicultural makeup, while nurturing and advancing diverse thinking and artistic expression. In addition, the Greater Mankato community supports and nurtures its spiritual and nonprofit organizations.

Greater Mankato emphasizes the importance of natural environments, historic preservation, communication networks, and affordable housing; and dedicates resources to develop and maintain green ways, parks, ravines, aesthetically beautiful buildings, and opportunities for home ownership.

Education section of original plan


  1. To promote a lifelong learning community while making learning more accessible to all residents.
  2. To build global awareness into education and promote diversity acceptance in our community.



Goals and Priorities Identified in the Envision 2020 Community Survey: Education

  • Education pertaining to public safety (i.e. domestic violence, number of police and fire, education)
  • Education for all ages (Especially early childhood and lifelong learners)
  • Make educational opportunities more affordable
  • Encourage fields of study with high job placement opportunities
  • Introduce youth to other cultures at a young age




Sucesses in 2008-09

  • Launched a Young Professionals program to engage 21-39 year olds in our community and help retain them in Greater Mankato. (Greater Mankato Growth)
  • Conducted the first College Welcome Fair in the fall of 2008. (GMG and colleges)· Created and piloted a Collegiate Leadership Academy with 25 students. (GMG and colleges)
  • “The Internship Experience” was created to connect individuals, businesses, and college internship coordinators. (GMG and colleges)
  • The Greater Mankato Early Learning Initiative hired a Director and launched the Ready for Kindergarten parent education program.

For 2007-08 Successes see the 2007-08 Annual Report