Energy Conservation

Mission statement:
The Energy Conservation Task Force’s mission is to work toward an emissions neutral / sustainable local economy by conserving energy and increasing energy efficiency in the Greater Mankato community.

The goals of the Energy Conservation Task Force shall be to –
1.  Construct a baseline energy usage report for the Greater Mankato area.  The report will be used to track energy    efficiency and conservation activities and results.
2.  Inform community and business leaders and citizens about the reliability and costs of energy.
3.  Gather, evaluate and disseminate information about energy efficiency and conservation methods.
4.  Encourage implementation of methods found to be useful and model behaviors that lead to sustainability.


The Energy Conservation Taskforce meets every  4th Thursday of each  month from 8-9am  at Greater Mankato Business Development Center, 1961 Premier Drive. The Next Meeting is Thursday, January 27,2011.

Power Meter Program

Envision 2020 / Xcel Energy Power Meter Program

  • Rolled out on April 17, 2010.
  • Power meters can be checked out from the Blue Earth County Library System and from the North Mankato Taylor Library.
  • Power meters can monitor the cost of electricity and the electricity usage of appliances, TVs, computers, and other home electronic devices.
  • Funds for the power meters were provided by Xcel Energy.


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