Green Infrastructure


The Mankato/North Mankato area is a vibrant region with numerous naturally vegetated corridors connecting a network of green, open spaces (includes parks of various sizes and types, environmentally sensitive areas, recreational trails, natural water courses, rain gardens, farm land, natural areas, etc.) which are planned and managed for their natural ecosystem values and functions and for the benefits they confers to human populations. The citizens of the region understand the many relationships between natural resources, social needs and economic growth and that it is as vitally important to plan for and manage green infrastructure as for our built (grey) infrastructure.


  1. Protect, preserve and revitalize green spaces sufficient to support long term social, economic, and environmental vitality.
  2. Optimize the availability and accessibility of a variety of recreational resources (land and water) in our area for recreational and community uses.


Bend of the River Million Tree Project

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For details see the Envision 2020 Final Report