Community Planning

KPA Chair: John Considine (

Sub-Categories and Goals

Green Infrastructure | Downtown Renaissance and Historic Preservation

Regional Governance | Urban Planning/Urban Villages

Mini Vision

The Greater Mankato and North Mankato region should continue to develop our naturally vegetated corridors connecting to a network of greenspace, havens, creeks and rivers. Woven within this network of greenspaces would be the development of walkable green villages, and the revitalization and redefinitions of our historic downtowns. Thus creating a cultural, civic, governmental, residential and an entertainment heartbeat for these communities. We should embrace the knowledge of our citizens for their understanding of the many relationships between our natural resources, social needs and economic growth. It is vitally important to plan for and manage green infrastructure as for our built environments. This can be accomplished through intergovernmental cooperation and sharing of our collective resources.

Community Planning section of original plan



Goals and Priorities Identified in the Envision 2020 Community Survey: Community Planning & Regional Governance

  • Many people want better sharing of resources between Mankato and N. Mankato
  • More youth opportunities and limiting activity fees for the youth (Including transportation)
  • Issues around poverty, affordable housing and diversity
  • Issues pertaining to public safety (i.e. domestic violence, number of police and fire, education)
  • Address sprawl and sustainability
  • Showcase riverfront property and incorporate more green space
  • Preservation of historical aspects of the community



Successes of 2009-10

  • Complete Sibley Parkway Phase I infrastructure improvements.
  • Begin Sibley Parkway Phase II infrastructure improvements.
  • Successful designation of redevelopment project for Marigold Site in North Mankato.
  • Creation of Historical Preservation Commission.
  • Draft of Historic Context Study for designation of locally historic properties.
  • Increased boulevard tree plantings and replacement of 2:1 ratio. (City of Mankato)
  • Completed Phase I of Riverfront Park. (City of Mankato)
  • Formed the Heritage Preservation Commission. (City of Mankato)
  • Draft of Consolidated Plans for housing and economic development initiatives (City of Mankato and North Mankato).
  • City Center Partnership developed of Strategic Plan with long-term objectives and goals for 2009-2014.
  • City Center Partnership implemented a partner investment program.
  • Created a City Center Economic Profile.
  • Established advocacy policies and guidelines for the City Center Partnership.
  • Creation of an online City Center Newsletter.
  • City Center traffic pattern conversions: Broad Street and 4th Street to two way traffic, Madison Avenue signal and median changes, and the opening of Mulberry Street intersection.
  • Grand opening of Riverfront Park.
  • Grant funding for erosion mitigation in LeSueur River Watershed.
  • Adopted Benson Park Plan.
  • Interconnection of the City of Madison Lake into the regional waste water treatment system. Other partners include Eagle Lake, North Mankato, Lake Washington, and South Bend Township.

Successes of 2008-09

  • Renamed the City Center Business Association to the City Center Partnership to better reflect all the partners.
  • Created a mission, vision and guiding principles of the City Center Partnership.
  • Engaged over 70 volunteers on four different committees of the City Center Partnership.
  • A City Center brand was created and launched to provide a regional identity for the downtown.
  • Planted additional trees to the pilot sites and developed a “adopt a site” program for businesses to purchase & plant an area. (Bend of the River Million Tree Project)
  • Increased boulevard tree plantings. (City of Mankato)
  • Connected neighborhood associations, including Lincoln Park, Washington Park, Highland Park, with the City Center Aesthetics & Livability Committee.
  • Completed Phase I of Riverfront Park. (City of Mankato)
  • Adopted a long-range plan for the development of Benson Park. (City of N. Mankato)
  • Formed the Historic Preservation Commission. (City of Mankato)
  • Completion of various building beautification & restoration projects. (City of Mankato and N. Mankato)

For 2007-08 Successes see the 2007-08 Annual Report