Key Performance Areas

Envision2020 has six areas of focus, called Key Performance Areas that describe and organize goals, strategies, and action steps.  For more information click one of them below.

September 2006 Envision 2020 Plan (1MB PDF)

Community Planning/Regional Governance <br />Working collaboratively on green infrastructure, downtown revitalization, historic preservation, regional governance, and strategic urban planning.

Community Planning

Economic Development <br />Growing a vibrant, diverse regional economy that responsibly leverages resources while promoting business development and a high quality of life.

Economic Development



Transportation test


Health & Human Services

Health & Human Services



Executive Summary of Envision 2020 Community Survey
Compiled Spring 2015

Survey was completed a total of 585 times, 8 on mobile devices, 134 on paper surveys and the 443 taken online.

Rank of Key Performance Areas that are believed to be the most important to our future

  • 22% – 378 votes – Livability
  • 20% – 344 votes – Education
  • 6% – 337 votes – Economic Development
  • 1% – 242 votes – Community Planning & Regional Governance
  • 8% – 238 votes – Health & Human Services
  • 5% – 180 votes – Transportation

Top 5 most important goals and priorities

  • 1st – Business Development
  • 2nd – Retain and attract an educated workforce
  • 3rd – Optimize our existing resources/businesses to support a livable, sustainable and regional economy that supports controlled growth
  • 4th – Address affordable housing and the preservation of housing stock
  • 5th – Encourage the development of a multi-sport complex

Key observations from subjective responses

  • Clarification must be made of how E2020 is considered to be a steering organization, rather than a rowing organization. Some respondents were confused why E2020 took credit for some of the accomplishments. Envision 2020 is an engine to raise awareness and apply pressure to organizations that enact change.
  • Community Planning & Regional Governance as defined in phase 1 is nearly completed.
  • New areas of focus can be applied to these KPAs based on comments from the survey. Areas which KPAs could now include are issue revolving around living wages, affordable housing, community diversity, expanding youth opportunities including transportation and the collaboration of Mankato and North Mankato for City services.